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Theater review: Mae Brussell’s tangled web inspires “Queen of Conspiracy” at Miners Alley

By Lisa Kennedy, The Know, 5/23/2019

The intricate structure that Josh Hartwell lays out for “Queen of Conspiracy” deserves applause. When Miners Alley artistic director Len Matheo tossed Hartwell the idea of writing about 1960s-’70s radio personality Mae Brussell, the talented local playwright ran with it, juking this way and zagging that way.

Review: Josh Hartwell's "Queen of Conspiracy" Rules at Miners Alley

By Juliet Wittman, Westword Magazine, 5/21/2019

Miners Alley artistic director Len Matheo suffered two major setbacks before this past weekend's opening of "Queen of Conspiracy," a new play by Colorado playwright Josh Hartwell.

Conspiracy or Coincidence? Josh Hartwell's New Play Opening at Miners Alley

By Juliet Wittman, Westword Magazine, 5/13/2019

Len Matheo, the executive director of Miners Alley Playhouse, gave actor-director-playwright Josh Hartwell a commission late last year. “He said he’s heard about this Mae Brussell and thought she’d make a good play,” Hartwell recalls.

Theater Review: Resolutions

By Beki Pineda, Boulder Magazine, 12/20/2017

The evening starts off casually enough.  Two old friends have arrived for an annual gathering at her beautiful condo in Vail.  Fulfilling a long held holiday tradition, three couples gather each year in the same place to review their year and decide how well they did on fulfilling their resolutions from the year past.

7 best holiday theater shows to enjoy in the Denver metro before Christmas

By Oscar Contreras, The Denver Channel, 12/13/2017

The weather is cooling down for the winter, which means you will probably start looking for entertainment options taking place indoors. What better to celebrate the holidays than with a theater performance?

2017 True West Awards Day 12: Josh Hartwell

By John Moore, DCPA News Center, 12/12/2017

Josh Hartwell has done enough this month to earn a True West Award for all of 2017. Oh, he’s made his mark as an actor, director, playwright, teaching artist and community organizer throughout the calendar year.

Review: Edge Wraps Up an Edgy Holiday Show With "Resolutions"

By Juliet Wittman, Westword Magazine, 12/12/2017

Resolutions is exactly the kind of play you expect from Edge, a theater company that prides itself on edgy work. The way artistic director Rick Yaconis sees it, that can include classic works as well as surreal ’60s, ultra-co ntemporary and absurdist plays, or anything else that challenges and feels alive.

Theater review: Set in Vail, The Edge’s New Year’s comedy “Resolutions” is a hilarious ride

By Joanne Ostrow, The Know, 12/5/2017

There’s nothing holly-jolly about “Resolutions,” the commissioned seasonal piece by local playwright Josh Hartwell having its world premiere at The Edge. This play is brisk and funny, also rather arch and ultimately terrifying.

Theater review: ‘Resolutions’ portrays a night of hell in Vail

By Alex Miller, Vail Daily, 12/4/2014

So you’ve gotten sole possession of your ex-husband’s plush cabin in Vail and are hosting friends for your annual New Year’s Eve get-together. The snow is falling outside. The bar is stocked. Your BFFs are arriving. What could possibly go wrong?

“Dylan Went Electric” review: Musician going nowhere gets left behind

By Claire Martin, The Denver Post, 9/30/2014

“Dylan Went Electric,” a world premiere by Colorado playwright Josh Hartwell, captures a moment in 1969 when the cadence of the Folk Song Army started faltering.

Josh Hartwell Takes Off This Week With "Grounded," "Dylan Went Electric"

By Juliet Wittman, Westword Magazine, 9/9/2014

Josh Hartwell, writer, actor and director, is one of the area's treasures. A modest, diffident soul, he seems to prefer being out of the limelight, but we recently named him one of our 100 Colorado Creatives, and he'll be getting even more attention this week, when he directs George Brant's one-woman play "Grounded."

Another 100 Colorado Creatives: Josh Hartwell

By Susan Froyd, Westword Magazine, 8/27/2014

The talented Josh Hartwell works with some of the region's best and most creative independent theater companies

Bremerton theater examines 20-something life in ‘Contrived Ending’

Kitsap Daily News, 7/4/2008

Denver playwright Josh Hartwell’s slice of life drama, “Contrived Ending,” is an intimate look at the crisis of the 20-something generation in today’s world, through the vehicle of a “Clerks” meets “Empire Records” at the movie theater type of comedy.

“Contrived Ending” tugs the heart strings of

Kitsap Daily News, 6/11/2008

Late one night after rehearsal last week, Changing Scene artistic director Pavlina Morris looks a bit anxious, almost nervous as she surveys the set of their latest production “Contrived Ending.”

Contrived Ending

By Juliet Wittman, Westword Magazine, 2/28/2008

As you walk into the familiar Buntport space, the scent of popcorn envelops you. "Contrived Ending," which is premiering here, is local playwright Josh Hartwell's homage to the movies and, in particular, to the old-fashioned art house.

Review: Contrived Ending

By John Moore, The Denver Post, 2/27/2008

It’s the kind of bleak, bored, basement-dwelling kind of contemplation that perfectly captures the pop-culture narcissism of 20-something slackers of any recent decade: Have you lived enough of a life that someone would want to make it into a movie?

Contrived Ending

By Bob Bows, Variety, 2/21/2008

Denver scribe Josh Hartwell delivers a slice-of-life tribute to film buffs, seen through the lens of four twentysomethings who work at an arthouse theater specializing in Hollywood classics.

“Contrived”: Play that’s making a list

By John Moore, The Denver Post, 2/14/2008

Our young people are listing — and that has nothing to do with a starboard tilt. The MySpace generation that probably couldn’t list the authors of “The Book of Lists” is obsessed with listing nonetheless.

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